• (in)visible – Dezeray Lyn

    In modern day France, while slipping out of his ultra-conservative brother’s wedding, Oliver Ijanni’s encounter with a port city refugee camp sets into motion a series of events which will resound globally. Displaced persons from across the globe rise up with new weapons to face down their oppressors and smash centuries of injustice, dictator by dictator and terrorist by terrorist, including those sitting in the White House.

  • Building Power While the Lights Are Out: Disasters, Mutual Aid, and Dual Power

    As hurricanes, fires, pandemics, and other disasters increase in intensity and frequency, the insights, visions, and experiences the authors in this book share offer a valuable road map to meet the climate crisis head on, struggle for a just recovery when disasters do hit, reimagine our relationships to each other and the planet, and as the Zapatistas taught civil society, “Don’t seize power, exercise it.”

  • Like Watching god Become Human – Pearson Bolt

    Rage against oppression, opposition to authority, anticapitalism, and compassion for others are woven throughout this book of poetry. At once both fiercely heretical and deeply (albeit secretly) reverent, these poems are tied together by the interlocking threads of love, resistance to conventional religion, and revolution.

  • Monsters Like Us

    In this quirky collection of tales, monsters who’ve traditionally crept from dark corners, rolling fog and eerie woods to frighten us are living through the grave realities we face.  A shape-shifting military leader is locked in endless war, a zombie fights to subvert land development of the cemetery, and a mummy nurses forgotten plague patients in a crumbling almshouse.

  • Salaam – Dezeray Lyn

    Salaam Mish Hon Mish El Yom (Peace, not here, not today) is a collection of graphic illustrations by Dezeray Lyn spanning her time as a member of the International Solidarity Movement in the Israeli military controlled section of H-2 occupied Al-Khalil (Hebron) in the West Bank of Palestine in the Fall of 2015 – a time many are calling the beginning of the Third Intifada.

  • Sounds Like Liberation – Jimmy Dunson

    Covers a range of topics including resisting fascism, ending violence against women, gender nonconformity, Hurricane Katrina, religious hypocrisy, madness, and anti-capitalist struggle, all while integrating spirituality, love, and revolution in every poem.

  • The Envelope System – Ellen Zitani

    This book won’t teach you how to get rich quick. But it will teach you how to live well on a relatively low wage. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, many people struggle living paycheck to paycheck. In today’s society, workers have less rights and benefits, while more and more cobble together multiple jobs in the gig economy. If wages are low or unreliable and living expenses are ever on the rise, how can you survive or even thrive with what you have?

  • The Queen of the Little Things Written by Dezeray Lyn

    Words can be medicine and this fantastical, imaginative book spans over a decade of cathartic short fiction from worker’s rights and confronting “Corporation” to the state murder of Troy Davis and completely off the wall magical nonsense. Get ready to smile, laugh, and experience a world turned upside down. All power to the imagination, friends.

  • Your Mind is the Cathedral Where I Finally Find god – Pearson Bolt

    The fifty poems contained within this slender volume span the lightyears between love and revolution, melancholy and joy, surrender and resistance. In this phantasmagoric collection, you will discover a kaleidoscopic menagerie of imaginative poetry to dazzle and delight the senses, a prismatic spray of color against a void black banner of insurrection. Settle in. Enjoy.


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